50 Days ~ 50 States

 Day # 1 Delaware

Pray that Delaware, which has been known as the “Cradle of Methodism” will again burn with revival fire as it did in 1805, when in meetings attended by crowds of 10-15 thousand people, shouts of the repentant and rejoicing could be heard up to 3 miles away.

 Day # 2 Pennsylvania

Pray that Pennsylvania, founded by a man who spent years in prison for his Christian faith, and who left behind comforts in his native England to establish Pennsylvania as a “Holy Experiment”, will be a state characterized by holiness in its laws and the behavior of its people.

 Day # 3 New Jersey

Pray that New Jersey, where once many people passed by the Statue of Liberty on their way to Ellis Island and a new life of hope would find true liberty in Jesus Christ and put their hope in God who will not disappoint.

 Day # 4 Georgia

Pray that Georgia, a state which once expelled the Cherokee Indians to Oklahoma via what came to be known as “The Trail of Tears” will be a state known as a place where men and women of all races and colors can live before God in peace.

 Day # 5 Connecticut

Pray that Connecticut, a state whose motto is “He Who Transplanted Still Sustains”; most probably an acknowledgment of the hand of God in its formation with reference to Psalm 80, know the life that comes from being connected to the True Vine.

 Day # 6 Massachusetts

Pray that Massachusetts, the place where in 1621 the Pilgrims declared a day of Thanksgiving to God, will be a place where men again acknowledge God and are thankful to Him as the source of every good and perfect gift.

 Day # 7 Maryland

Pray that Maryland's citizens would acknowledge the Lord as the one, true King, Lawgiver, and Judge and that this would be reflected in all aspects of the government and culture.

 Day # 8 South Carolina

Pray that citizens of South Carolina, a state whose motto is “Prepared In Mind and Deed’ would be prepared in the mind of Christ to walk in the deeds which God has prepared for them to walk in for His glory. 

 Day # 9 New Hampshire

Pray that the Lord would raise up evangelists in the spirit of George Whitfield who preached his last sermon in this state. Pray that the people of the “Live Free or Die “state would experience true freedom in Jesus Christ.

 Day # 10 Virginia

Pray that Virginia; where in 1619 settlers proclaimed a perpetual day of Thanksgiving to the Lord who had kept them on their voyage, will be a state which always acknowledges and remains thankful to God.

 Day # 11 New York

Pray for this powerful state which has sometimes given rise to wicked spiritual influences yet was referred to in the days of Charles Finney as the “Burned-over district” because of revival fires which had swept over the region resulting in as many as 95% of the people of at least one major city being born again. Pray that its large Jewish population will come to know that Jesus is the promised Messiah.

 Day # 12 North Carolina

Pray that the church in this state whose motto is ”To Be Rather Than To Seem” would truly manifest the kingdom in a way that would cause all to understand the difference between church as we have often known it and spirit-empowered New Testament Christianity.

 Day # 13 Rhode Island

Pray that the church would lead the people of this state in the establishment of a Christ-centered, biblically based world view after centuries of religious strife and theological confusion and uncertainty. 

 Day # 14 Vermont

Pray the “Freedom and Unity”; ideals ensconced in the state motto, would be manifested in truth as the state’s population becomes increasingly responsive to the gospel

 Day # 15 Kentucky

Pray that the revival fires would again burn as in the days of the “camp meetings” and “circuit riders” when the Lord moved in what came to be called the “Second Great Awakening”

 Day # 16 Tennessee

Pray that this state which has long been a spiritual battleground would build on the progress made in times of past revival and become steadfast in righteousness

 Day # 17 Ohio

Pray that the state whose motto is “With God, All Things Are Possible” would look to God for moral and economic resurgence

 Day #18 Louisiana

Pray that this state which has endured much oppression, upheaval, and trauma; likely due to prevalent wicked strongholds and attendant ungodliness; will respond to God’s chastening and invite His help and blessing after “cleaning house” where necessary

 Day # 19 Indiana

Pray that this state which has experienced the fleeting nature of worldly prosperity would grow in its esteem of true spiritual riches

 Day # 20 Mississippi

Pray that this state; one which has historically been characterized by unsettled relations between races would learn “How beautiful and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity” Ps. 133

 Day # 21 Illinois

Pray that this state which has been very strong and influential will let the Lord sanctify it for purposes of righteousness.

 Day # 22 Alabama

Pray that through confession and repentance the people of this state would completely emerge from under the cloud of past mistakes and come into the sunlight of liberty and justice for all in Christ

 Day # 23 Maine

Pray that this land which tells of the glory of its Maker by its extraordinary natural beauty would entirely glorify Him in every expression of its culture

 Day # 24 Missouri

Pray that this state which, like so many, has endured much conflict and strife in times past would at this time see an advance of true spirituality and build new kingdom edifices upon good old foundations

 Day # 25 Arkansas

Pray that the Lord would purify the waters of the spiritual wells of this state so that its people, and others, may drink from a healthful flow

 Day # 26 Michigan

Pray that the Lord would close the gates to demonic influence which have intermittently permitted wickedness to be welcomed to the region. Pray that He would open heaven over the land through a church which knows who she is in Christ

 Day # 27 Florida

Pray that the citizens of this state which has seen many ebbs and flows of various populations and has experienced a variety of spiritual influences will “come home” en masse to the Everlasting Father who made them all

 Day # 28 Texas

Pray that this state which has a very large “footprint” in the nation; literally and figuratively, be a strong force for righteousness and an example and help to its smaller “sibling” states. Pray that it will understand that true greatness begins with humility.

 Day # 29 Iowa

Pray that the hearts of the people of this state would be as fertile as its soil to receive the word of God and bring forth a great harvest of righteousness

 Day # 30 Wisconsin

Pray that the people of this state will understand that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and that apart from His wisdom there is no wisdom

 Day # 31 California

Pray that a firm foundation of righteousness will be established in this state upon which all its culture will be built. Pray that what is not built on righteousness will be dismantled; its streams either purified or stopped up

 Day # 32 Minnesota

Pray that an awareness of God who is unseen yet permanent; unlike that which can be seen, will come to this state in fresh ways and that the person of Jesus Christ would come to their attention

 Day # 33 Oregon

Pray that the establishment and preservation of a healthy spiritual environment would be paramount in the minds of leaders in every aspect of the state government and culture

 Day # 34 Kansas

Pray that the wells of revival in this state where the first known Christian martyr died will spring up even stronger than they did in the days of the Pentecostal and Charismatic renewals

 Day # 35 West Virginia

Pray that the people of this state will open their hearts to receive God’s wholeness through the blood of His Son, and experience spirit empowered, church-led cultural transformation

 Day # 36 Nevada

Pray for this state in accordance with Isaiah 41:18-19 “…I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. I will put the cedar in the wilderness, the acacia, the myrtle and the olive tree…”

 Day # 37 Nebraska

Pray that this state which has historically experienced many economic and weather related highs and lows would choose to enter into covenant protection and prosperity with its Maker

 Day # 38 Colorado

Pray that a spiritual wind as clean and clear as that which blows over the mountains would blow over the state to bring spiritual purity and cleanness to its people

 Day # 39 North Dakota

Pray that the citizens of this vast state be brought into the unspoiled beauty of the new creation

 Day # 40 South Dakota

Pray that the people of this state whos’ motto is “Under God The People Rule” will indeed move into rulership under God in accordance with His divine intention for man

 Day # 41 Montana

Pray that the purposes of God will be manifested in this vast sparsely populated state as its people respond to the testimony of their Maker which is on display in their extraordinary natural surroundings.

 Day # 42 Washington

Pray that the lordship of Jesus Christ would be understood and accepted and that this acceptance would transform all of the state’s politics and culture

 Day #43 Idaho

Pray that the people of this state will realize that no matter how beautiful and unspoiled their vast wilderness regions may be it will be impossible for any one to insulate themselves from the judgments to come should America maintain her present disposition toward God.

 Day # 44 Wyoming

Pray that the church in this least populous of the 50 states would remember that the Lord takes note of right hearts, not large numbers of people

 Day # 45 Utah

Pray that the Lord would set the people of this state free from Mormonism and all the curses which attend the practice of it. Pray that the true church would shine as a bright light in the darkness

 Day # 46 Oklahoma

Pray that the church would be so thirsty for new wine that it will permit the Lord to make it into new wineskins. Pray that the scribes will bring out treasures old and new to edify the Church

 Day # 47 New Mexico

Pray that the people of this state would repudiate all that pertains to the ancient spiritual influences in the region and embrace Jesus Christ as the King of Kings

 Day # 48 Arizona

Pray that Arizonans will sort out their mixed spiritual heritage (both godly and demonic) and choose the Lord to be their God

 Day # 49 Alaska

Pray that the fortitude needed to survive in the harsh climate of this state will be employed by its people in the resistance of the onslaught of cultural evils coming from her more southern siblings

 Day # 50 Hawaii

Pray for a hunger for God in the 95% of Hawaiians who are not Christian such as existed in days past when 95% of the population was Christian